A Day Without Women

I am lying in bed with my sleeping child at my breast on a perfect New Orleans day. Early spring: the precious warm bright days and cool crisp nights of the Lenten season. I can hear the neighbors making music: impromptu jams and traditional medlodies mingle in the air. 

I am thinking about how this day has been dedicated to women, and how women are demonstrating for their rights. For my part, I feel ambivalent about this as a Day of Action. I have done nothing to mark the occasion — not even a paltry social media gesture, much less any concerted political action. 

Instead, I spent this morning expanding the scope of my lawyering influence, getting admitted to practice in another federal district court. I did not wear red. I spent money on coffee. And I don’t think the little ways I have failed to outwardly demonstrate solidarity matter nearly so much as my commitment to social justice lawyering and revolutionary mothering. Does not my life’s work against systemic oppression resolve me of the obligation to participate in everyday acts of resistance? 

a brief socio-cultural critique

The perennial ego of huMANity is pernicious. We expend so much collective blood, sweat, and tears on futile, unsustainable endeavors which are inapposite to the enrichment of human life. We are so far removed from the natural world of which we are an indelible part; our ego and misguided notions of dominance of nature propel us farther and farther from the mode of existence for which we have been exquisitely adapted. Not that I’m advocating abandoning progress in favor of primitivism; I would simply prefer to experience a more thoughtful and intentional approach towards human existence, progress, and society. So many people live their lives without self-examination, under delusions propagated by the dominant paradigms (patriarchy, capitalism, religion), not only denying themselves an authentic existence, but mindlessly perpetrating harm to their human brothers and sisters, to future generations, and to the planet which is the source of all life.